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WINGS OF CALIGO – Legends of Arestina Series




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The Attack – An Exclusive Excerpt of Wings of Caligo

Here’s another exclusive excerpt of Wings of Caligo: “But Matt wasn’t looking at me anymore. He was glancing around warily. “Ken,” he said in a low, tension-filled voice. “Why are the cabbages dying?” I looked where he was pointing and saw frost creeping up the plants, coming from the road. It meant only one thing. … Continue reading The Attack – An Exclusive Excerpt of Wings of Caligo

DIVIDE – Free Today on Amazon!

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Scientific Breakthrough – Giza Pyramids and Energy in Vaktare of All Realms

I was right! How crazy it is it that one of my scientific, er hem, ‘fictional’ theories in one of my novel series is correct? I’m still reeling around in my chair as I write this! As of tonight, there is actually scientific proof that the plot line is not entirely a work of fiction … Continue reading Scientific Breakthrough – Giza Pyramids and Energy in Vaktare of All Realms

The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Ah, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle… It’s a quagmire that even the best of scientists can’t explain. Some theorize that Atlantis lies beneath its waters. Others believe it is a haven for UFOs. But what are the known facts? Also known as the Devil’s Triangle, the area covers about 500,000 square miles of ocean … Continue reading The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

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