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WINGS OF CALIGO – Legends of Arestina Series




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A Review – Praise For Wings of Caligo

In this excellent story, a story which shines light on interpersonal relationships and the relationship between two societal factions, Ms. Heron-Heidel weaves an intelligent and compelling tale which, if one wants to see what she’s actually saying, teaches us why all of humanity should and must tear down the walls that we have put up … Continue reading A Review – Praise For Wings of Caligo

To Struggle – An Admission (An Inspirational Post)

I have a confession. Sometimes I struggle. Struggle – a word that I simultaneously love and loathe. It implies that I am less than able to cope with a situation or a problem. It makes me feel weak even admitting it’s something I encounter. But to struggle also implies that I am still learning, which … Continue reading To Struggle – An Admission (An Inspirational Post)

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom = Fallen Filmmakers (Film Review)

Warning: spoiler alert, and you’ll be glad I ruined it for you. I’ll have saved you from viewing this box office run-on sentence. Jurassic World was a contrived effort. That’s all I can say. In this instance, the rule that a sequel will generally suck after the first blockbuster hit was not broken. The alluring … Continue reading Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom = Fallen Filmmakers (Film Review)

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