Fight For What You Believe In – A New Challenge

There's a lot to say about the world these days, but few people are willing to see what's right with it. Likewise, even fewer of those who do see what's wrong are willing to do anything to change it. We all say things need to be changed, but no one seems to be standing up. … Continue reading Fight For What You Believe In – A New Challenge


“To Kill A Mockingbird” Removed From School Reading List

Do you agree with this controversial book banning?

Arise 2.0

By Rayiah Ross

To Kill A Mockingbird, the award winning novel by Harper Lee, is being removed from a junior high reading list in a Mississippi school district. Published in 1960, the Pulitzer Prize winning novel deals with racial inequality in a small Alabama town, and in the justice system at large. Biloxi County school board Vice President Kenny Holloway told the Alabama Local News, the district received complaints that some of the book’s language “makes people uncomfortable.”

    To Kill A Mockingbird is an educational book that teaches students that compassion and empathy does not depend upon race or education. While at first blemish it may seem like a story filled with racially insensitive language, the true essence is quite to the contrary. In fact, Atticus Finch–one of the many main characters–says, “Don’t say n–ger Scout. That’s common.” To Kill A Mockingbird describes racial and rape inequality, and…

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Living The Authors Life

Hello everybody! What a weekend! Between the gorgeous weather, seeing great people, and a few day trips, it was a blast. Here's what was going on around my neck of the woods... At the Levitt Pavilion in Westport we heard some great Jazz... Down in Bridgeport Connecticut we saw some awesome restorations of classic … Continue reading Living The Authors Life

Thank You to My Readers! Together We Will End Human Trafficking

Thanks to all of my readers for supporting me on my mission to help end human trafficking! As many of you know, with each purchase of one of my books, a portion of proceeds goes to ending slavery in Cambodia. Today I was able to send off another donation to Agape International Missions because of … Continue reading Thank You to My Readers! Together We Will End Human Trafficking

Even The Angels Rejoice – Luke 15:10

Faith Knows No Bounds Ministry

Hello and God bless you. Today we’ll just quickly read Luke 15:10:

“I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.”

In Luke there are a few teachings on how anyone who returns to God results in great joy and redemption, but this one sticks out.

Can you imagine? In addition to God and Jesus’ love and joy over one of their children coming back to them, even all the angels rejoice over their salvation. It goes to show how precious one life and soul is to those above. When one of us is lost it pains them, but when we return, it brings them great joy.

So ask yourself today, are you living a life that is not only what God intended for you, but also one that brings joy to the Ones who love you in Heaven?…

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