A New Interview With Eric Klein For War Machine

My book War Machine was featured in a new interview! You can check out the interview with me here on Eric Klein's fantastic sci-fi blog and read all about how War Machine was written and how I brainstormed the tech in the story: https://www.ericlklein.com/feature-friday-futures/interview-maggie-heidel/


Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself

In lands near and far from here, The people lust for wars of fear, Not with swords and shields alone, But for words to send a grave of stone, Freedom gave and freedom returned, In the end the grave was rightfully earned... - Maggie Lynn Heron-Heidel 2018 🌎🔥☠️

Vote War Machine For Book of the Year Awards

Vote for War Machine in the Book of the Year Awards! It’s up for multiple categories, so make sure your vote counts in all of them! Thank you for supporting the series and being such great fans! VOTE HERE And if you haven't read the book yet, here's where you can begin your reading adventure … Continue reading Vote War Machine For Book of the Year Awards

Vaktare of All Realms – Book Excerpt

Season's greetings everyone! I hope this post finds you well and hopefully not stuffed with too much turkey and pie... Or tofurkey if you're a vegan! I just wanted to give you  a sneak peek at my upcoming novel series VAKTARE OF ALL REALMS. If you love fantasy creatures and magic, this will be a … Continue reading Vaktare of All Realms – Book Excerpt

War Machine Is Now Available In Paperback!

For all of you who love the smell of freshly printed books and pages, your wish has finally been granted! War Machine is now available in paperback formats for everyone in addition to the Kindle digital edition. Visit here to grab your copy! And for those of you who want a signed copy, make sure … Continue reading War Machine Is Now Available In Paperback!

The Romance of Fantasy – Happy Valentine’s Day

Ah, the romance of fantasy. The tease of a kiss while on dragon back or at the edge of death where two lovers afraid of being parted breathe their last, expressing their love... Ah, the joys of being a writer, creating such scenes.   HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE MAKE IT MAGICAL XO Maggie Lynn (Author … Continue reading The Romance of Fantasy – Happy Valentine’s Day

Chalorn the Baby Dragon – A Character Sketch From the Vaktare Of All Realms Series

Ah, Chalorn. The little darling from my series Vaktare of All Realms. I thought I'd give you all a little sneak peak at his character before the book is released. His mother, Xara, is on the cover art I did for the book. Here she is if you missed her -